Recent News

January 26, 2010
Yeah, I know nothing is even being put up here. I am PLANNING to completely re-do this site, and make it into more of a projects page. Break it into programming, electrical, and artwork. I don't have enough projects to do it yet, but in a few months I may.

January 22, 2009
More pictures to be uploaded soon, obviously been busy as I haven't updated in over a year. Got some 3D work done as well.

January 8, 2008
Just added a new tutorial on making threads for a screw or bolt. Link to an alternate method made by Michael Grote as well.

December 10, 2007
Found some errors in Internet explorer, I apologize. Updates to 2D and 3D coming in the next month. Huge icestorm hitting as we speak. If power holds I should have a lot of freetime to fix up this site a bit.

November 2, 2007
Site Completed. Adding a few small finishing touches.

October 15, 2007
Website will be re-done soon with actual color schemes and everything! I'll even actually make the photography section!

September 3, 2007
2D Section Added

August 28, 2007
Site Launched