Max Forums - The greatest online 3D Community on the earth. Fair warning though, they can be harsh. Yes noobs, your invited and encouraged too. I was when I joined.

CG Society - Great site with some great forums. Join Up.

Joan of Arc Tutorial - Best organic modeling tutorial around. Can't suggest it enough.

Maxforums Member Tutorials - Pretty much what it sounds like. Some AMAZING tutorials in their though.

Maxforums Free Textures Thread - Has tons of sites that give away free textures.

Share CG -Get paid to host your stuff. While your their check out my stuff under username mouser58907.

Turbosquid - Sell your models and textures online. They take about half of your profit though.

CG Ideas - A cool little site for when your lacking inspiration. Has a list of 2d/3d/Click-Click/Coding ideas for you to do and post in the forums. A lot of fun.